​​This course is required & accepted to obtain your CCW Pistol Permit 
(Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers)

NRA "Basic Pistol Course"We offer a relaxed and informational course that focuses on safety, loading/unloading techniques, proper maintenance and storage. We will cover the basics of shooting skills, allowing you to shoot more accurately and be confident with each shot taken. You will have range time that includes a minimum 50-60 rounds live fire from both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. We specialize in small group or one-on-one private training (including couples) to instill knowledge and proper firearm handling.  Our goal is to make you 100% comfortable.

*Women ONLY classes are available upon request*

(Min of 4 Students) 

Advantages to Private Classes: (Couple’s Class) - Executive Training in a discreet, comfortable setting, allowing all parties to learn at there own rate. - Our private instruction allows you focused one-on-one training. - Range time is a very important part of the course and our private lessons give you additional live fire exercise.

This course is divided into two sections: 
1. The Classroom Training
2. Range Qualification.

The classroom portion of this course is approximately 6 hours long and involves safe gun handling, components of a firearm, basic firearm discussion, and general legal issues.  During this time, students will have an opportunity to review the NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook and Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet. We will also cover other principles of firearm safety including: how to properly and safely store ammunition and firearms.  We cover the basics of proper cleaning techniques and maintaining your firearm. Students will have the opportunity to safely handle unloaded firearms and practice all of the proper shooting fundamental steps prior to attending the range for the live fire portion of the class. 

**Since students will be handling unloaded firearms during this course, students will be constantly observed and assessed on safety procedures**

The Shooting Range portion of this course may vary in length of time, depending on the students ability to apply all of the information taught during the classroom instruction. During this time, students will qualify by shooting live ammunition through a combination of different semi-auto pistols and revolvers.

Due to the inherent danger of handling loaded firearms, strict observation of the students capabilities to follow proper safety procedures will be performed. Should a student violate any safety rule repeatedly, the student may be dismissed from the range, without a refund. 

What else is included when you train with CT Firearms School?

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**Discounts Available:  NRA Members, A.F.A.M., L.E.O., Military, Lawyers and Medical Professionals (Including EMT's)**

2020 Class Schedule:​​

Sunday - 03/22/2020 Class Registration - New Haven, CT - 3 Seats left

Sunday - 03/29/2020 Class Registration - New Haven, CT -  6 Seats left

Saturday - 04/04/2020 Class Registration - New Haven, CT - 9 Seats left

Sunday - 04/19/2020 Class Registration - New Haven, CT - 10 Seats left
Sunday - 04/26/2020 Class Registration - New Haven, CT - 10 seats left


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